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music reviews + etc:
reviews of CDs by Hexedene, Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn and Michael Brooks, Dystopia One, Unholy Erection, Lost in Space Soundtrack and more!
live: Dystopia One, Betty’s Trash, Android Lust!

A Kafka-esque experience

essay: fear and loathing in atlantic city

Mungo: Kitty Lit: Mungo reviews a new litter of cat books

Rant: Bitch by Elizabeth Wurtzel: Jagged Little Estrogen Pill

media reviews: Book:Caffeine and Other Stories by Robert Wake Games: Diddy Kong Racing; Robotron 64

rupture# 1: it's the first issue! CD reviews and me getting all mad about crap
rupture# 2: the second coming! Betty's Trash, CD reviews, the famous Ally McBeal rant and more...
rupture# 3: Meta-something: CD reviews, David Foster Wallace, C-Tec live and Crisis NTI interview...
rupture# 4: boolean call: CD reviews, David Foster Wallace vs. Nick Baker, Sielwolf interview, women in bras...

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