erupture #duo contents

midday in the garden of Jersey City

Cyberia: music news + etc: Betty's Trash! CDs from Funker Vogt, C-Tec, Jihad and FLA; NIN products, and what's due in 1998!

Crisis NTI: An interview with the Ged-i!

Ally McBeal: Put a fork in tha bitch! She done!

As Seen on TV: Mel tries out the stupid TV product for you!

Mungo: A cat with way too much to say and a forum to say it in

Thingee:Midnight in the Garden of Book and Movie

media reviews: Book:Hopscotch; Games:Robotron 64; ClayFighter 63-1/3

lancelot links: from the secret chump!

rupture# 1: it's the first issue!

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