munmun erupture#four, woohoo
erupture #four contents

mel at the mall

music reviews + etc:
reviews of CDs by Tribes of Neurot, KMFDM, Bob Xark, Noxious Emotion, TriAna and more!
Sielwolf: arooo!! Petra speaks...

i'm so ashamed... I'm wearing the wrong bra!

lit crit: the loneliness of sex: male sexuality in Nicholson Baker's The Fermata and David Foster Wallace's from Interviews with Hideous Men, #6

Meta-Friction very short stories by Connie L.

Mungo: Mungo's siblings

Rant: William Gibson is all wet-wired

media reviews: Book:Tetherballs of Bougainville by Mark Leyner Games:Diddy Kong Racing; Robotron 64

lancelot links: from the secret chump!

rupture# 1: it's the first issue! CD reviews and me getting all mad about crap
rupture# 2: the second coming! Betty's Trash, CD reviews, the famous Ally McBeal rant and more...
rupture# 3: Meta-something: CD reviews, David Foster Wallace, C-Tec live and Crisis NTI interview...

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