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click and go! Live shows: Dystopia One; BettyŐs Trash and Android Lust; CD Reviews: Canister, Blame; Dystopia One, $$$$; Exoskeleton Possessive Blindfold compilation no. 1; Hexedene, Choking on Lilies; Lost In Space Original Soundtrack; Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn & Michael Brook, Star Rise; Unholy Erection, Back 2 Basics

Lost in Space Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Did I need this? Oh my god, yes. First off, this disk has everyone you wanted to see doing music for Lost in Space, Fatboy Slim, The Crystal Method, Death in some people you really don't expect, like Siouxsie teaming up with Juno Reactor. It makes me happy. I dunno, something about this whole Lost in Space thing makes me feel all giddy and goofy, even tho the robot is all wrong. Of course, I haven't seen the movie yet, but looking at the posters and commercials, well, this is the first time that one of these kinds of movies just whomped my ass with overwhelming nostalgia. Anyway, back to the disk, the three "big name" acts contribute already released stuff (Crystal Method, Busy Child; Fatboy Slim, Everybody Needs a 303, and The Propellerheads, Bang On!) everyone is so busy I guess, but it's all good baby! I ain't gonna kvetch. The new stuff is good. The Juno Reactor & The Creatures song, I'm Here...Another Planet is very moody, atmospheric, dare I say haunting? Apollo Four Forty contribute another haunting piece, the melancholy Will & Penny's Theme, along with doing the bizarre Reznor-esque re-interpretation of the Lost in Space theme. Death in Vegas give us a slow dirge called Song for Penny, but it seems to be more an ode to the robot. But the Space song, Lost in Space kicks too much ass. I'm sitting here laughing while I listen to it. It vacillates between sounding like Pizzicato Five with Johnny Marr on guitar, with this even goofier rap.
TVT Records

Dystopia One, $$$$

A catchy pop gem from the band who brought you Steve Buscemi. One listen and the songs were already imbedded in my thick skull. Dystopia have ditched the keyboards, but their sense of irony remains intact. Four songs, each one an instant post-modern hit. There's an ode to men with hairy eyebrows (Uni-brow), a love song dedicated to America Online (America Offline, whose thumping chorus emulates a busy signal and seering guitars make the sounds of modems connecting to ISPs) and the punk-rock version of the Smiths classic Panic. Then there's my favorite, Almost Ready. And produced by Martin Bisi (Swans, Foetus) how cool is that? My only problem with this EP is that it's not longer. I guess those boys just leave me wanting more.
Dystopia One disinformation site

Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn & Michael Brook, Star Rise

Don't think I'm getting all soft on y'all by jumping on the Qawwali music bandwagon: these are dance remixes by hotshot Asian underground stars of Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn, considered the greatest singer of Qawwali music, who unfortunately died last year. Does this kick ass? Well, what do you think-- of course it does. Altho I hate to use a phrase as rough as ass-kicking when talking about the sacred music of the Sufis, but... and a caveat: if you're looking for actual Qawwali music, this is not it. But it's really cool electronic dance music, that's for damn sure. Artists featured include Joi, Talvin Singh, Asian Dub Foundation, State of Bengal, Aki Nawaz, Black Star Liner, Nitin Sawhney, Earthtribe and The Dhol Foundation & Fun^da^mental. This Qawwali remix disk gives new meaning to the term trance.
Real World/ Caroline, 106 West 29th Street, New York, NY 10001

Canister, Blame

It's goth, it's elektro, it's got guitars! Really, what more would you want... it get's a little dark and dirge-y for me, but hey I have atrocious taste in music. The guitars are more smith-y than mettalica-esque, so don't be scared away. One all-out rocking dance toon, Believe, which also features distorted vocals (not found on the rest of the album, for all you purists).
Sanction music,9 Brookdale Road, Arlington, MA 02174-3023

Exoskeleton; Possessive Blindfold compilation no. 1

International electro extravaganza featuring, I, Parasite, Dive, PAL, Noisex and more. It leans towards the more experimental side of darkness, with lots of hard and harsh sounds, which I'm super happy about, because if I listen to one more 80s-influenced- dark-electronic-euro-trash-keyboard-heavy- Kalte-Farben-wannabe I think I'll have to throw it across the room. The cut from Morgue (Dead End) is very cool, noisy and chaotic and funky, the Synapscape track, Stop Yield is great great great, hard and fast and heinous and maybe next time I go out I'll bring this with me and force the djs to play it. Salt gives us Stolen Icons, a beat-fest if I ever heard one, that builds to a frantic frenzy. Some of these tracks are new, some are previously released. It's good. I know you'll find something to like, and you'll probably end up liking most of it, you fickle little bastards.
Possessive Blindfold recordings, PO Box 423827, San Francisco, CA 94142

Hexedene, Choking on Lilies

Again, I feel obliged to say that I initially felt torn about this product, even prior to listening; it was put out by Reconstriction, a label I adore, but it is part of the new Recon direction, so I was crossing my fingers that it wouldn't be too goth. And then there's this Jonathan Sharp business. I read in an interview that he felt he should have gotten paid more for remixing some of the first CyberTec Project album. Maybe he's not so into C-Tec like I am (and I think the new one, darker, blows the first one away, if you care)--I'm of the mind that I'd remix C-Tec for free if they asked me, but hey, I'd wash David Foster Wallace's underwear for free if he asked me (I guess that's another topic...). Anyway, all fears were unfounded, I can honestly and unequivocally say this is awesome. Girl singer, Katie Helsby, thank goddess is not one of those goth moaners, she's got a relaxed natural voice that fits in so well with this aggressive electronic dance music, a nice juxtaposition. ItŐs lovely! You can begin singing along immediately, which I always see as a plus. ItŐs good without being overly challenging, but itŐs also not mindless dance music. Second caveat of this section: this is really not industrial, more what people like to call electronica. Remixes by many of my faves! Including Alien Faktor, Oneiroid Psychosis, SMP and Society Burning. Damn! Chase never lets me down!
Reconstriction94901-906 Morena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117-3432

Unholy Erection, Back 2 Basics

It sort of reminds me of the 4-track Ween stuff, and it's really funny and gross and makes me laugh, and it's sort of like I thought South Park would be, but it's not. South Park isn't funny, and this is. There are many songs about sodomy and penis size.
UEHQ, PO Box 896, Johnstown, PA 15907

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