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music reviews + etc:
C-Tec live; CD oÕ the month: The Glory of Destruction; CDs by Course of Empire, Crash AD, Dark Illumination, Decoded Feedback, Front Line Assembly, Gooding, Ikon, TriAna.
Crisis NTI: Return of the Ged-i!

Irony Man David Foster Wallace!

bad g-URLS:
the kewlest chicas on the web

Meta-Friction very short stories by Sidney Mindfield

Mungo: MungoÕs fun xmas

Rant: IÕm not a contra: my quest for unfertility

media reviews: Book:A Supposedly Fun Thing IÕll Never Do Again; Games:Diddy Kong Racing; Robotron 64

lancelot links: from the secret chump!

rupture# 1: it's the first issue!
rupture# 2: the second coming!

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