erupture no. ocho contents

music reviews + etc:
reviews of CDs by Dystopia One, Sepultura and more!
live: black lung, action adventure systems!

Pomo Inaction Figures: Art or Insanity? You decide...

David Foster Wallace essay: No, IÕm really not stalking him Mel attempts to back out gracefully from the stalking stuff, falls and hits her head.

fiction: Pitch, excerpt by mel whitehead; A Train to 207 by Marie Mundaca

Mungo: My Brother Henrey Lee Lucat

Rant: Hide your eyes! MarieÕs in love

media reviews: Books:Chocolate Jesus by Stephan Jaramillo; Dreamland by Phil Patton

lancelot links: from the secret chump!

the e-rupture archives: no, you really didn't miss aything
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