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Henrey Lee Lucat--Portrait of a Serial Eater

by Mungo

It has recently been brought to my attention that I have not written much about my brother Henrey. So I decided that, to commemorate the first anniversary of his foray into the great indoors, I would devote at least this one installment of MungoÕs Mewsings to praising, describing and extolling the paradox wrapped in an enigma (much like a burrito or the new gorditas) that is my brother (by the way, doesnÕt gordita mean little fat girl in espanol? Is that what will happen to you if you eat these? YouÕll become a little fat girl? Not that thereÕs anything wrong with that. I love little fat girls. I can sit on a little fat girlÕs lap and sheÕll pet me and maybe sheÕll eat some coffee yogurt because sheÕs on a diet and I love coffee yogurt, any of the various flavors: moccachino, cappuccino, mocha latte etc. etc. Colombian, kona, Jamaican blue mountain coffee flavored, chocolate covered espresso bean flavored yogurt--I love it all. Y gordita will share it con migo, if ya know what IÕm saying, and I think you do. SheÕll put it on a spoon and let me have her yogurt is what IÕm saying. Yogurt is not in my momÕs little Spanish dictionary [diccionarito espanol], but Henrey is a blanco y negro gato, and this essay is about him).

People say that Henrey has character, and you take one look at him and I think you can see how true that it. Whatever that means. Perhaps itÕs the perpetually wry, sardonic expression, the soulful sampuko eyes, the wiry wire frame, the saucy walk, the quick wit... What I like most about Henrey is that I can annoy him and make him chase me around the apartment. We share a lot of activities: bird-watching, bug hunting, wrestling... He watches a lot of CNN (heÕs got a thing for Lynn Russell and I constantly tease him about it), so we have fascinating conversations over breakfast and dinner. He enjoys sports, especially Yankee baseball, and his vast knowledge gains us instant entre into the most elite sports bars. And heÕs a favorite of the ladies. When we go to Scores you should see the women crowding around him, all cooing and purring and petting. Henrey is fun. I recommend him highly.

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