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an excerpt by melpomene whitehead

After she'd been kissing the guy for 20 minutes, her neck began to get sore. He was quite a bit taller than she was. Plus, he was a young inexperienced kisser, so he kissed too hard and her lips felt bruised. The older guys she'd been with were more tender. She always got the impression that they were afraid of breaking her. The Cure played in the background and it reminded her of the time she couldn't get home and John let her stay in his dorm room. When they got to his dorm he had to sneak her in through a fire escape because it was so late. They went through another person's room, who was apparently used to this sort of thing happening, because he didn't even wake up when John tripped over some beer bottles. After they got to his room he put on this silk brocade bathrobe which made him look like Gomez Addams. They laid side by side in his twin bed and kissed, and he opened his bathrobe and put her little hand on his dick. It was in a state between solid and liquid. It felt like some weird kid's toy. She tried to play with it but felt wrong because he was Gomez Addams and she felt like Wednesday, not Morticia and Wednesday should not be playing with her dad's cock. Plus he had way too much to drink and no matter what she did his dick stayed in this half-flaccid state and she knew there was no way she'd get that mushy thing inside her, it would just keep flopping out. Her friend used to call it `smush and push.' He kept trying to push her head down towards his cock, but she didn't want to be blowing a drunk guy for 3 hours while he couldn't come. Finally the sun came up and she left.

But the guy she was kissing, his cock was hard. He was pressing it hard against her, as he pressed her into the wall, and he was pushing so much she struggled to remain in balance. She kept having to adjust her legs, which seemed to turn him on even more. Finally he moved his hands from her face to her ass and pushed her forcefully back into him. She had to move her arms to his shoulders to keep from sliding. Now it was the Psychedelic Furs. He was moaning deep into her mouth. He pulled her hair to expose her neck and started sucking on her neck. He was mumbling, mumbling. Finally he stopped and grabbed her hand and pulled her downstairs. They went into the boys bathroom. It was a real mess. He pushed the garbage can against the door. She stood there.

"Lean over the sink."


He pushed her over to the sink and pushed her face forward over it and grabbed her plaid skirt and hiked it up. He ripped off her little white flowered panties and stuck his fingers in her twat. Then he stuck them in his mouth. "mmm, you want it baby, you're ready." She wasn't sure she wanted it, but she was here, so why not. She looked in the dirty mirror over the sink. Her eyeliner was smeared and her lipstick was gone. Her face was pale. If she looked up she could see him behind her, playing with his cock, stroking it. It looked huge from where she was. His eyes were shut. He pushed his prick in her. Pain pulsed right through her and she arched her back. He kept one hand on her shoulders and with the other hand he diddled her clit. People banged on the door and went away. She reached a hand under her shirt and started playing with her nipples. He moved rhythmically in and out of her and while Tuxedo Moon played upstairs. She started to feel alot better. She shut her eyes against the florescent lights.

After, she picked up her underwear off the floor. They were too ripped to wear home. She held them up to him. "What am I gonna do?" she begged, "What's my mother gonna say?"

"Tell her you got your period."

"And what, I wanted it dripping down my bare legs for all you vampires? You're an idiot!"

"Uh, tell her your friend got stabbed...?"

"Go on..."

"And you needed the panties to clean up the blood?"

"There's something there. I'll work on that. Weird though how all your explanations involve blood." She tossed the panty-rag to him. "Yours now..." She pushed the garbage out of the way and sauntered out of the bathroom.

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