erupture #9, #9, #9

childhood experiences  
always come back to haunt me.
music reviews + etc:
reviews of CDs by Front Line Assembly. Action Adventure Systems. Urania. Sheep on Drugs. The Cyberpunk Fiction compilation. More. and Old Baby!
obsession: Chick-a- boom! Jack Chick's comic book tracks provide racism, sexism and religious fanatacism in an easily digestible format
fiction: Chemistry Class, story by mel whitehead
David Foster Wallace essay: Quotations from Wallace
Mungo: Me and Hank have our own pages now! Like having your own cat without the litterbox odor!

Rant: Bitching to Prozac

media review: Books: Girl in Landscape, The Knife Thrower, Thirst, The Girl in the Flammable Skirt

the e-rupture archives: no, you really didn't miss anything
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