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And would you like fries with your rapture?

Constance Marie explores the wacky world of Chick-tianity

You've seen 'em, haven't you? When I worked one summer counting proxy votes for the Bank of New York, crazy religious stockholders would include them with their postage-paid proxy votes, hoping to enlighten the poor lost souls who would be opening and sorting their mail.

The Chick tracks always brightened our sultry summer days, the stupidly simplistic morality tales of people accepting “the lord” into their lives, presented in a form any teenager could understand--the comic book. And they were formatted to fit right into a regular #10 envelope! 5x3, two color cover, 20 pages or so of very professionally drawn and lettered stories about people gone astray, littered liberally with New Testament quotes, those three little initials on every cover: J.T.C. Jack Chick, the biggest name in religious comics, Chick Publications, an international tract publisher.

We'd read 'em to each other at lunch in the shade of the monument to money and the devil, the World Trade Center.

Now that we've moved into the end times, Chick has a website! And it's cock full of textual gems like most Christians want to witness, but many never do. With Chick tracts, it's so easy you'll ENJOY it. And now you don't have to wait for some creepy old guy in shorts and knee socks to hand you one at the mall! You can read jewels like the highly offensive Allah Had No Son, the anti abortion Baby Talk, The Trick with it's extensive misinformation about Halloween and the druids and Where's Rabbi Waxman?right online! Just think! You can download the gifs and modify them in Photoshop and make your own anti-Chick tracts! Won't Satan be proud? back to the home planet...