erupture #sixieme contents

yabba. dabba. doo.

music reviews + etc:
reviews of CDs by snog, cubanate, android lust, front line assembly and more!
live: Numb and Crocodile Shop

bj queen: constance marie explains it all

fiction: It's True that Paranoia and the Father Tortured the Recluse; excerpted from a novel by Brandon Hobson

essay: As seen in Harper's; the obligatory David Foster Wallace essay with a bizarre twist of limon

Mungo: Mungo's on vacation. Here's fiction therapy with Mel...

Rant: my life and you're welcome to it: mel's tale of woe

media reviews: Book:The Speed Queen by Stewart O'Nan; Purple America by Rick Moody Games: Diddy Kong Racing; Robotron 64

the e-rupture archives: no, you really didn't miss aything
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